Casual Pool & Spa Cleaning

Casual Pool & Spa Cleaning

If you’re in need of bringing back your pool pristine condition call Express! Express Pool Cleaning will come to you from just $49.95

Friendly one off service for busy times

If you are just looking for a little extra help with your pool or spa maintenance then our Express Casual Service will suit. From just a test and balance thru to helping you with a green pool or spa a one off callout with Express Pool Cleaning may just be the answer.

Because we use state-of-the-art water testing equipment and have the knowledge to go with it you can be rest assured that we can be of service.

From residential through to commercial and everything in between we can cover your requirements.

pool pump maintenance

Our casual pool service options include:

  1. Comprehensive Water Chemistry Test
  2. Analyse and Balance Water
  3. Inspect and Clean Skimmer Basket
  4. Inspect and Clean Pump Basket
  5. Skim the pool surface for debris
  6. Inspect Equipment including your pump and filtration equipment for leaks and faults
  7. Backwash Sand Filters (where necessary)
  8. Check Timers
  9. Pre-settlement inspections

*Chemicals are not included in price
Every quote may vary on inspection due to pool size and cleanliness

We will ensure:

  • A detailed report with your invoice
  • Our 100% workmanship guarantee
  • Comprehensive onsite water analysis
  • Fully detailed reporting of pool condition
  • Chemical supply and balancing
  • Complete peace of mind