Pool Cleaning Neutral Bay

I’m Sebastian Prado from Express Pool Cleaning Neutral Bay. Ever since I was a kid growing up in Chile I’ve been doing the family pool. I love to swim in a nice crystal blue pool and I am passionate about offering a nice and healthy environment for your family. My main goal is giving families the peace of mind and free time to spend time in your pool with your family without having to clean it. Whenever you want it, there is always a nice crystal clean pool to swim in.


I will always be ready to give the best personalised service whenever you need it. I’ve grown up all around pools so I know how to keep them nice and clean. I am up and ready to work at any time. You will have someone fun and who enjoys what they do. After I leave you won’t even notice I was there except the pool will look like a brand new pool!Express Pool Cleaning Neutral Bay offer the Express casual, Express regular, Express commercial and test and balance. I will also look after your pumps, pipes, filters…everything pool related, even the fences around it.


Express Pool Cleaning Neutral Bay is available to service Neutral Bay, Woolstoncraft, Sydney and Sydney Shopping World.


Guess who was in charge of cleaning the pool as a kid? That was my “house work” job and always took a lot of pride about it. I love summer and I love a nice swim. I love everything related to pools. I will always be on time and take my work that I will always be cleaning your pool as if it was my own.