Pool Cleaning Freshwater

You may take your water to the shop every so often but when was the last time you had your entire pool system professionally checked?


Or have you got a problem with your pool?  Can’t get the water clear? Going backwards and forwards to the shop?


Express Pool Cleaning Freshwater full service includes:

  • Full on-site, 8 point, computerised water test
  • Written water report with recommendations
  • Add required chemicals or salt in the correct quantity and correct order and correct method (this does make a difference to their reaction in the water)
  • Brush sides and floor of pool
  • Vacuum debris and particles
  • Inspect your pump and filtration equipment for leaks or other problems
  • Check your automatic cleaner is working correctly (if you have one)
  • Clean the filter, skimmer and pump baskets
  • Check and acid wash chlorinator (if fitted)
  • Identify any stains and discuss remedies
  • Discount for on-going regular maintenance


You may be adding unnecessary chemicals and chasing your tail trying to get it right. Express Pool Cleaning Freshwater can take the hassle out for you and leave your pool sparkling and safe for swimming!! 


Why choose Express Pool Cleaning Freshwater?


Tony Cleary, a local to the area for 40 odd years, has a strong belief in providing the highest quality services to his clients. Being his business, he wants you to feel that he has delighted you each and every time. He believes in doing the little things right – turning up on time, doing what he said he would do, and providing feedback on improving your swimming pool. Give him a call to discuss your needs.