Pool Cleaning Brisbane

Express Pool Cleaning Brisbane based business catering for residential pools. Where other people carry a photo of a family member in their wallet, we have a photo of our pool. Fully insured, franchised business with customer satisfaction as the only priority.


Not keen on any of the following ?


  • buying/transporting/storing/handling/inhaling poisonous chemicals
  • fishing branches, leaves and debris out of your pool
  • organizing and then keeping to a regular maintenance plan
  • sorting out someone reliable to maintain your pool while you are away on holiday
  • pool party before/after cleanups



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Brisbane Overview

If you are new to Brisbane or thinking of relocating, here are some interesting statistics about this great Australian city which you might find useful:

  • More than 1,100 people a week have moved to South-East Queensland over the past five years, with 178,000 specifically moving to Brisbane within the same period.
  • Brisbane is the closest major Australian capital to the Asia Pacific region and by 2026; its workforce is projected to increase from 550,000 to 850,000.
  • Approximately 22% of Brisbane’s population were born overseas with the majority from New Zealand, the UK, South Africa, Scotland and Vietnam.
  • The top five industries with the highest employment growth in Brisbane are: property and business, government, education, health and community, cultural and recreational.
  • The top five occupations with the highest employment growth in Brisbane are: professionals, managers and administrators, associate professionals, intermediate clerical sales and production transport workers.