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Frequently Asked Questions

I just moved into this house with a pool and I’ve never had a pool before. Will you come out and teach me how to look after it?

If you have just moved into a house with a pool, keeping it healthy can be a tricky undertaking. If you want us to ensure that an existing pool is ready to go, Express Pool Cleaning has everything for new pool owners. We can provide complete pool servicing and also educate pool owners about proper pool care.

Do you test the water every time you visit?

Yes.  Our computerised photometer testing equipment is the only way to measure exactly what your pool needs.

Which automatic cleaner is best for my pool?

It’s an interesting question this one.  It depends on a few things like:

      Do you get a lot of leaves in your pool?

      What is the surface of your pool?

      And of course – what is your budget.

      We can supply quality products at competitive prices

Will you tell me what chemicals you are adding to my pool?

Yes! Every visit we test the water and create a detailed test report.  We also keep a total history of each water test.

Can you help me save money on my electricity bill?

Yes. We have access to the full range of 6 star eco pumps and can also in certain circumstances organise for your pool equipment to be connected to Tariff 33. We also are suppliers of Pool covers and blankets which are custom made for your pool.

How fast can you fix my green pool?

Well it does depend on the level of “greenness” but a pool can be restored to sparkling clear in as little as 2 days.  But some will take a little longer, depending on the state of the equipment as well.

How do I know when you are coming?

We will SMS you the day before with our estimated time of arrival, as a reminder.

Can I extend my swimming season?

Yes. We can organise quotes on Solar Pool heating systems and Electric Heat Pump systems and supervise the installation of the systems if required. Again Pool blankets and covers are an excellent addition to ensure pool conditions remain stable.

Do you need to maintain Spas?

It is important to keep your spa healthy to protect bacteria build up, surface staining or scale and to maximise the enjoyment of your spa year round.

Why is there algae in my pool?

Regular maintenance is the best cure to stop algae blooms from forming in the pool. Regular bushing and maintaining proper chemical balance will help stop algae from developing in your pool.

Why isn't my pool cleaner efficient?

There may be leaves or other foreign objects blocking skimmer baskets or pump baskets.  Your filter could also need a clean or the pool cleaner itself may be blocked with leaves.  You should check the hose for proper connection and cracks. Other solutions include adjusting the pool cleaner speed and water outlet sockets, or your pool cleaner may need replacement parts. We can assist you in solving these issues so just call us to book an appointment.